BATFE CampJune 10-12

We are closing in on the BATFE camp for June 10-12.  I wanted to send this RSVP form so we can get a head count and prepare for meals.  I am asking for a voluntary contribution of $50 per day for food and supplies for the weekend. Furthermore this event is a couples event, so feel free to bring your spouse and or significant other. Just make sure they are aware that sleeping accommodations are on a first come first served basis.  Camping space is for all intensive purposes, unlimited.  From last year we do have increased bunk space with the new bunk house, however you would need to bring your own cot or air mattress as we do not keep beds in the bunk house.  The bunk house is air conditioned and has electricity.

The agenda of the weekend is as follows:

Thursday night initial arrivals for those who want a slightly extended weekend or to make sure they get sleeping space.  Mostly I am there to set up and get things ready for the event.

Friday will start with setting up the lower shoot lanes, pistol practice and warm up.  After this we will move to the upper station for long distance shooting and rifle thru most of the afternoon.  Bon fire and night shoot (for those who haven’t begun drinking) will take place in the evening.

Saturday will begin with breakfast and the opening of the range will be around 1030-11 am.  Open shoot will take place until around 2pm when we will have our official BATFE competition.  This will likely be a 3 stage timed and scored shoot.  After dinner and award “ceremony” we will once again have night shoot for those interested and sober.  After all shooting is done it is common for there to be poker and other non firearms related activities.

Sunday will be casual day and pack up.  Range activities will be available.

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